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Welcome to the return of Callia's Pixels. It has been many years since my content here has seen the light of the Web. Slowly but surely, all of the content will be here again.


Callia's Pixels started in 2006, after five years of hobby web development and graphic design. That same year, the owner of found me and requested a series of graphics for her pregnancy and baby countdown tickers and counter boxes. Today, even though my domain hasn't been online for a couple of years, my tickers and counter boxes can still be seen all over the Web in parenting and pregnancy forums everywhere.


After much thought and consideration, I have decided it is definitely time to return. Probably not as a graphic artist, but more of a Web developer, and this site will serve as an album of sorts, hommage to my roots if you will. I haven't decided yet if I will draw again like I used to, and as I sort through my content I realize just how much I have, so this will probably take a while. Please bear with me and pardon my dust as I pull things together.

Since my absence, HTML 5 has been released and is in the process of being implemented into all browsers. Elements such as inline frames are in the process of being phased out with the setting of HTML 4.01. Therefore, none of these elements will be included in my sites anymore. No more tables, no more frames, and absolutely no sliced layouts.